Traditionally, the risk management processes within financial institutions
have tended to operate independently of its strategic and capital management processes.
At QED we believe that to maximise their combined value, organisations need to ensure
that these disciplines are aligned. By incorporating risk management into the strategic
and capital management processes, organisations can take both the risk and capital
implications of their business decisions into account.


Risk governance and strategy

We assist our clients with their risk governance and risk strategy requirements.

This includes:
  • Considering risk-governance structures;
  • Frameworks and policies, as well as regulatory requirements;
  • Required Controls;
  • Reporting systems and processes.

Risk management

We assist you with all components of the risk management process used to manage your quantitative and qualitative risk exposures. This includes designing and enhancing top-down and bottom-up risk appetite processes to enable decision making, developing risk taxonomies and risk dictionaries to facilitate the identification of risk, as well as the design of risk registers and tools for measuring and monitoring risk exposures.

Capital management

We provide you with support in developing a comprehensive capital management framework that covers all components of the capital management strategy and governance, capital management process and capital infrastructure requirements.

This includes:
  • Identifying and managing all your capital supply and capital demand requirements
  • Developing and enhancing capabilities for modelling and projecting regulatory and economic capital requirements
  • Developing tools for measuring capital requirements and performing capital (and return on capital) optimisation techniques
  • Determining internal stress scenarios, and the capital requirements under both these and the prescribed stress scenarios

Regulatory requirements

When it comes to regulatory requirements, we assist you in:
  • Implementing risk-based regulatory programmes
  • Performing gap analyses against current regulatory requirements
  • Implementing plans for compliance with regulations
  • Developing reporting processes and systems
  • Implementing plans for compliance with regulations
  • Designing and completing ORSAs and financial condition reports


We have also developed several products to address needs relating to these solutions, including Risk Digitisation and Model Risk Management.

Other services

  • Asset liability management
  • ERM in a Box
  • ERM Health Check
  • Combined Assurance


Nicolai von Rummell

Associate Director

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