We aim to meet the full spectrum of requirements ranging from consulting around
minimum legislative benefits to understanding the impact of the transfer of risk from
employers to employees (as is most evidenced by the move from largely defined benefit
retirement arrangements to defined contribution arrangements).

The wellbeing of our employees is inextricably linked to the success of our organisations. The provision of employee benefits has evolved significantly in recent times and ranges from minimum legislated benefits to sophisticated benefit structures. There has been a shift from companies providing full-time employment to all employees with clearly defined benefits and rigid structures to far more loosely defined ideas of employment, outsourcing, the gig economy and a new normal.


IAS19 valuations

Year-end audits can be busy, stressful times for finance professionals the world over. More so when you have to rely on external parties to provide you with crucial information. Which is why you need to partner with a firm that ensures you receive world-class valuation services within the short available timelines which often come with the audit process. Our team has collectively performed over 2,000 valuations across 19 countries and brings a wealth of experience to your valuation.

We appreciate the tight timelines involved in yearend audits and we ensure that valuation reports are provided in the shortest possible time. Our target turnaround times for standard valuations are between 1 and 2 weeks from receipt of the data to providing the valuation report.

Benefit harmonization

We offer consulting and valuation services on the full spectrum of benefits from the traditional to the highly progressive. This includes the assessment of state schemes and minimum benefits, integration of various employee benefit programs with such schemes, benefits benchmarking and optimization across different countries/regions.

We also perform assessments and consulting around statutory and additional benefits for multinationals across their various operations to ensure consistency and compliance across all countries.

Some recent projects we have been involved in include consulting to a number of clients around the fairly-recently introduced Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund and Contribution Sociale Generalisee in Mauritius and assistance with optimizing the benefits to employees across the various pillars of savings within provided cost parameters.

Other services

  • Trustee Training
  • Fund and benefit governance trackers
  • DB/DC conversion valuations and consulting
  • Asset-liability modelling exercises.
  • Policy drafting, including for reserve policies , bonus policies and investment policy statements
  • Statutory actuarial valuations
  • Mortality and other experience investigations
  • DC Fund projections and communication drafting
  • Setting performance measures for funds and subcommittees


Henré Prinsloo

Practice Leader

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Carlo Tognon

Senior Actuarial Consultant

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