Edmond Vigoureux
Senior Actuarial Manager

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Today, in most industries, innovation is not an ideal – it is a necessity, and our Research and Development (R&D) programme at QED addresses precisely this necessity within the financial industry of keeping up with innovation and regulatory changes.

Our commitment to providing these innovative solutions expressly articulates the element of our vision that states “We excel through continued innovation, accountability and insight”.

Our R&D programme is committed to responding to the worldwide avalanche of regulatory changes and updates facing the financial industry. It is through research that we ensure that we remain up to date with changes in the regulatory landscape.

These changes, together with a systematic drive towards automation and efficiency, have developed a need for solutions in the industry. Tools and models are required that can assist companies in everything from mundane routine chores to highly complex and specialist tasks, and our R&D programme is engaged in finding truly innovative solutions to the problems our clients are facing.

Beyond this, our R&D programme also implements our own internal actuarial governance structure.

We pride ourselves in always keeping up to date with industry matters, in performing research on the latest industry trends and in providing the insights we gain to our clients.

Our R&D commitment

It is through our R&D programme that we continuously strive to improve our insights, and we do this by enhancing our skills, experience and knowledge. We undertake to perform our duties to the highest level of professionalism, and to strengthen this commitment through the key role that our R&D programme plays in our internal governance structure. The ultimate objective of our R&D programme is to continually steer QED zealously towards excellence.